Allen Bernard

Allen Bernard

Allen Bernard is a freelance technology journalist, editor and business writer with 18 years of experience covering cloud, IoT, cyber security, networking, and many other tech topics.

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46 betelgeuse vs sun article
Ziff Davis B2B White Paper

Big Data and the CMO: An Introduction to the Challenge and the Opportunity

Once a person’s basic needs for food, shelter and security are met what do they crave above all other things —
even sex? Novelty.

Ecomm article
Ziff Davis B2B White Paper

GeoTrust White Paper

This white paper written for certificate authority GeoTrust outlines the importance of SSL in the world of ecommerce.

Website sec article
Ziff Davis B2B White Paper

Thawte: Simplified Software Security

Trust .The world runs on it .Some may argue and say it’s money or credit or information but they’d be only partially right because these are just constructs based on trust; inventions of our instinctive and collective need to work together to achieve common goals like finding food or establishing a secure perimeter around the place we sleep.

Manufacturing article
Ziff Davis B2B White Paper

MRP II and the U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance

Maybe you’ve heard the rumors? The ones that say manufacturing in the U.S. is dead. That
we’ve ceded this once vaunted and robust capability to the Chinese. That we are now an economy of service providers wondering if you want fries with that?

Future   sign article
Ziff Davis B2B White Paper

The Not so Distant Future of Big Data

What’s going to happen and when are always sticky questions fraught with pitfalls
and unforeseen events and circumstances that render most predictions useless at best and
sometimes even dangerous -- “World’s going to end in 2012 anyway, no sense getting that
lump checked out .” But we have to make predictions in order to make decisions .You can’t wait until after the fact to say, “Okay, let’s do that .” Life doesn’t work that way.