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Allen Bernard

Allen Bernard is a freelance technology journalist, editor and business writer with 18 years of experience covering cloud, IoT, cyber security, networking, and many other tech topics.

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1046x616 pokemon go is so one year ago article

Pokemon GO Is So Last Summer. What’s Next For Augmented Reality?

As technologies go, augmented reality (AR) is not new, but it wasn’t until Pokémon GO exploded onto the scene this time last summer–quickly becoming the most used mobile app in history–that consumers and marketers were introduced to the potential of this revolutionary technology.

Bimodal duo 100718157 large article

Secrets of bimodal IT success: Tiger teams, skunkworks

This is gated content on NetworkWorld. You'll have to enter your email address to see it ... but it's worth it! :-)

How IT departments are keeping the lights on while creating innovative development teams.

Snail rocket fast speed 100709490 large article

Three technologies that could demolish slow internet | Network World

In the end, there is no one technology to "rule them all". The hardware, software, firmware, protocols, chipsets, applications, network architectures, devices, routers, cabling, switches, standards-setting bodies, politics, and so forth, it takes to the make the internet "faster" is mind-numbing.

Blog tax refund article

Blended Attack makes W-2 Phishing Scam Exceptionally Dangerous and Effective

On Thursday February 2 the IRS put out a press release warning schools, hospitals, restaurants, tribal groups and "others" to be on the lookout for sophisticated W-2 phishing scam that has netted crooks millions of dollars and cost employees, in some instances, their jobs. This diverse list of potential targets and "others" is of note because the W-2 phishing scam is growing in reach and effectiveness, hoovering up a larger and more diverse group of victims.

Usps article

CyberSafe at USPS™

I created 37 cyber-security related articles for this project aimed at helping people stay safe online. We covered a range of topics from identity theft to the use of VPNs for for travel and remote working as well as detailing how USPS internal policies keeps vendor information safe and secure.

Tbm council article

JPMorgan Chase: Integrating IT and the Business CHANGING THE CONVERSATION

One of six case studies I did for TBM Council's 2016 TBM Awards -

Technology is the lifeblood of business at JPMorgan Chase, but the business viewed
IT as an expensive enigma with little relation to business value. The problem was not
the technology itself but the way IT and the business communicated about it, each
side talking past one another because they lacked a common language and context.

“The businesses were frustrated with the bills they’d receive from IT,” says Suzette
Unger, JPMorgan Chase’s CFO for Global Technology. “There was little translation
into business terms. They had no way to understand them or act on them.”

Techtarget article

The IIC tackles Industrial IoT security

As the manufacturing world gets more connected with internet of things technology, security is fast becoming a front-burner issue.

This is why the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), an open-membership organization formed to accelerate adoption of the industrial internet of things (IIoT), created the Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF), which published Sept. 19. Like other such frameworks, the goal of IISF is to provide cybersecurity best practices guidance to a swath of industry verticals and IIoT vendors as they move deeper into the hyperconnected world the IIoT represents.

Skyscraper article

Is On-Prem More Secure Than the Public Cloud?

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

Ever since Amazon jump-started the industry in 2006, companies have been moving workloads to the cloud in droves. And for good reason: cloud frees up tech resources for more business-facing activities, shifts spending from big dollar CapEx to more predictable OpEx, relieves the business of the burden of purchasing, provisioning, and maintaining costly infrastructure and software licenses … and on down the line.

Castle toy article

Stopping Shadow IT Before it Gets Started

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

In the good old days when shadow IT was just a piece of hardware or a few lines of borrowed code, CIOs
could expect their networks and infrastructures to be reasonably well-protected from all but the most determined foes.

Beautiful brianna   age 4 article

Every Reason to Hope - Understanding the Current State of HSP Research

Article I did for the Spastic Paraplegia Foundation pro bono outlining the current state of research into a rare disease similar to ALS -

When my two-year-old daughter, Brianna, was diagnosed in 2010, it seemed like a cure for HSP might just be around the corner: New genes were being discovered all the time, great strides were (and still are) being made in understanding of how the neural pathways involved in making muscles move actually work, stems cells were being held out as a potential treatment option and so on.

Yet, six years on, it feels like we are no closer to treatment, let alone a cure. And, in some ways, those feelings are valid. For all its miracles, medical research moves very slowly, very deliberatively. There are good reasons for this. Even the most promising therapies rarely make it past the third round of clinical trials. The human body is a massively complicated machine and when you try to affect just one very small part of it, like a motor neuron, without affecting all the other parts, it is very, very difficult to do.

Apptio article

JPMorgan Chase: Integrating IT and the Business

Case study I did for Apptio and JP Morgan Chase:

Technology is the lifeblood of business at JPMorgan Chase but
the business viewed IT as an expensive enigma with little
relation to business value. The problem was not the
technology itself but the way IT and the business
communicated about it, each side talking past one another
because they lacked a common language and context.

Img 1604 article

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Content

CMI World 2016 show coverage -

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of content, most marketers would love a simple formula ("X + Y = Success!" comes to mind).

Unfortunately, measuring content does not lend itself well to this simple equation. There are too many variables for any single formula to take into account.

Img 1600 article

SEO Insights: Are You Smarter than a Search Engine?

CMI World 2016 show coverage for CMSwire (selfie with Joe Pulizzi - founder of CMI)

There are seven major themes driving search today, according Rand Fishkin, the flamboyant founder of search engine strategy and tools vendor Moz. And to no one's surprise, many of them are frustrating marketers' efforts to attain good returns from their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, he conceded.

Tbm book article

Technology Business Management: The Four Value Conversations Cios Must Have With Their Businesses

​So it's finally here! I spent most of 2015 working side by side with TBM Council General Manager Todd Tucker on the definitive guide to the founding principals of Technology Business Management -- the best way to show, in dollars and cents, the business value of IT to every organization.​

Cybersecurity hacker article

Cybersecurity Must Evolve

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

Historically, cybersecurity has been about higher walls and wider moats but this strategy no longer works. There is no better evidence than the constant barrage of massive data breaches and other cyberattacks like ransomware exploits, making headlines month after month. And that doesn't even touch the data breaches that go unreported or that involve intellectual property (IP).