Allen Bernard

Allen Bernard

Allen Bernard is a freelance technology journalist, editor and business writer with 18 years of experience covering cloud, IoT, cyber security, networking, and many other tech topics.

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Three technologies that could demolish slow internet | Network World

In the end, there is no one technology to "rule them all". The hardware, software, firmware, protocols, chipsets, applications, network architectures, devices, routers, cabling, switches, standards-setting bodies, politics, and so forth, it takes to the make the internet "faster" is mind-numbing.

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Is Converged Infrastructure the Future of the Data Center? | CIO

If the term 'converged infrastructure' (also called integrated systems or unified computing) sounds like a mix of grid, cloud, utility, on-demand and shared computing services, you're right. However, this complexity doesn't seem to bother customers, especially small and midsize enterprises. But will this trend continue?