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Allen Bernard

Allen Bernard is a freelance technology journalist, editor and business writer with 18 years of experience covering cloud, IoT, cyber security, networking, and many other tech topics.

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Tbm council article

JPMorgan Chase: Integrating IT and the Business CHANGING THE CONVERSATION

One of six case studies I did for TBM Council's 2016 TBM Awards -

Technology is the lifeblood of business at JPMorgan Chase, but the business viewed
IT as an expensive enigma with little relation to business value. The problem was not
the technology itself but the way IT and the business communicated about it, each
side talking past one another because they lacked a common language and context.

“The businesses were frustrated with the bills they’d receive from IT,” says Suzette
Unger, JPMorgan Chase’s CFO for Global Technology. “There was little translation
into business terms. They had no way to understand them or act on them.”