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Allen Bernard

Allen Bernard is a freelance technology journalist, editor and business writer with 18 years of experience covering cloud, IoT, cyber security, networking, and many other tech topics.

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Safe article

With No Safe Harbor Agreement, Businesses Eye Other Options

Now that Sunday’s deadline to reach a deal on a new Safe Harbor framework between the United States and European Union has come and gone, the question for many companies is what, if anything, they are going to about it.

Service smile article

For SaaS Vendors, Data Key to Customer Acquisition, Retention

For software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, getting and keeping customers is the number-one challenge. Some studies put the conversion rate of turning trial customers to paying customers as low as 1 percent. Even top-performing providers work with conversion rates around 3 percent.


Alfa Insurance Uses Data to Measure Customer Lifetime Value

Mike Rowell got started in big data because his boss read a book.

“About five years ago, our chief operating officer came to me and my boss at the time and said, ‘Guys, I want a data warehouse here. I read (Tom) Davenport’s book, Competing on Analytics. We’ve got to go that direction. I know the rest of the big boys are doing it and I want one.’ ”

Tableau logo article

Tableau CEO: Data Scientists Are Like Artists

Comparing data users to artists, Tableau Software CEO Christian Chabot announced at the company’s annual conference a host of new features aimed at helping Tableau customers do more with the data they have, securely, regardless of device or where that data is located.

Lewis wright 300x136 article

Michael Lewis Talks Data, Storytelling at Tableau Conference

Even though author Michael Lewis’ books are often about complex subjects that involve a lot of data, it is never his goal to make data the main character. For Lewis, it’s always about a good story. -

Hc and money article

RainTree Marshals Community for Data Fight Against Cancer

In this era of tight budgets, data analytics is a luxury many businesses simply can’t afford. This is doubly true for specialized doctors’ practices, which often are squeezed for every penny. - See more at:

Open uri20140709 31930 tho7es article

To Build a Better Dashboard, Get to Know Your Audience

Anyone in the business intelligence (BI) space knows that it is evolving quickly. More data is being generated by more digital interactions, more machines, and more people all the time. Making all this data useful is a huge challenge.

Misfit toys article

Island of Misfit Toys: Building an Analytics Team from Within

For organizations just starting down the path of business intelligence, figuring out the right mix of people to take the company from reports-driven, spreadsheet-focused decision-making to one that embraces analytics can be particularly challenging.

Stringio article

An Executive’s Advice to Analysts for Getting Heard in the Boardroom

For most people involved in analytics, it’s all about the data. They’ve spent years studying it and have no trouble manipulating it, charting it, graphing it, or managing it.

Columbus skyline article

Collaboratory Seeks Solutions to Big Data Challenges

When most people look at companies the size of Nationwide, Cardinal Health, and American Electric Power, they see vast organizations with deep pockets and an almost unlimited ability to take on any challenge. In reality, these companies often struggle with the same problems as their smaller brethren, just at scale.

Open uri20140616 9557 1md5bgo article

Data Delivers Customer-Service, Optimization Results for UPS

One of largest and most data-intensive companies in the world, United Parcel Service relies on advanced analytics to save hundreds of millions of dollars per year in time, fuel, and maintenance costs – all while improving service and rolling out new features ...

Bengals10 3 1024 article

Cincinnati Bengals Take a ‘Moneyball’ Approach to Talent Evaluation

If you have seen the movie “Moneyball” or read the book, then you know how the Oakland A’s used the power of analytics and statistics to challenge and, in many cases, best their much better-funded rivals and make a serious run at the World Series in 2002.

Open uri20140131 1633 1v6ngyo article

McCain Foods' Journey to Self-Service Analytics Includes Strong IT ...

McCain Foods' Journey to Self-Service Analytics Inc...

Columbus oh article

An Analytics Hub Grows in Columbus

When you think of big data and advanced analytics the first place to come to mind probably wouldn’t be Columbus, Ohio.