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Allen Bernard

Allen Bernard is a freelance technology journalist, editor and business writer with 18 years of experience covering cloud, IoT, cyber security, networking, and many other tech topics.

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Blog tax refund article

Blended Attack makes W-2 Phishing Scam Exceptionally Dangerous and Effective

On Thursday February 2 the IRS put out a press release warning schools, hospitals, restaurants, tribal groups and "others" to be on the lookout for sophisticated W-2 phishing scam that has netted crooks millions of dollars and cost employees, in some instances, their jobs. This diverse list of potential targets and "others" is of note because the W-2 phishing scam is growing in reach and effectiveness, hoovering up a larger and more diverse group of victims.

Skyscraper article

Is On-Prem More Secure Than the Public Cloud?

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

Ever since Amazon jump-started the industry in 2006, companies have been moving workloads to the cloud in droves. And for good reason: cloud frees up tech resources for more business-facing activities, shifts spending from big dollar CapEx to more predictable OpEx, relieves the business of the burden of purchasing, provisioning, and maintaining costly infrastructure and software licenses … and on down the line.

Castle toy article

Stopping Shadow IT Before it Gets Started

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

In the good old days when shadow IT was just a piece of hardware or a few lines of borrowed code, CIOs
could expect their networks and infrastructures to be reasonably well-protected from all but the most determined foes.

Cybersecurity hacker article

Cybersecurity Must Evolve

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

Historically, cybersecurity has been about higher walls and wider moats but this strategy no longer works. There is no better evidence than the constant barrage of massive data breaches and other cyberattacks like ransomware exploits, making headlines month after month. And that doesn't even touch the data breaches that go unreported or that involve intellectual property (IP).

Cmswire article

Cyber-Crime is No Longer Just IT's Problem

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

Cybercrime is no longer an IT problem, it's a business imperative and CEOs and boards of directors are finally starting to take notice. "Increasing threats to corporate information systems, critical infrastructures, and intellectual property—as well as compliance risks, liability concerns, and the potential for reputational damage or lost business—continue to make cybersecurity a top priority in the boardroom and the C-suite," says the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Iot blue article

Low Cost Sensors at the Heart of Future IoT Security Quagmire

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

When the internet of things (IoT) arrives in force it will be two things: a boon for scientists, analysts, and anyone else interested in making things run better, faster, cheaper and, potentially, a security nightmare for everyone else.

Phone article

Prevent Phone Hacking with These Best Practices

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

While the recent 60 Minutes story talking about how easy it is for hackers to listen in on your conversations, track your movements, and read your text messages, has reignited people's concerns about privacy, for the average person, the exploit used to listen to Congressman Ted Lieu's conversation (the Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) cell phone network hack) is really a minor concern. Unless you are someone in a position of power or influence, this direct hack on your personal conversations would not be worth the time or effort it would take to launch.

Future   sign article

Cloud Security Fears Abating

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

Cloud computing is going mainstream. "Huh?" "What?" you say. Okay, I get it. While this may seem like an odd statement given the amount of press that cloud gets, the reality is only a pittance is spent on cloud computing. According to Gartner, the world will spend $3.5 trillion on technology in 2016. Of that, just $2o4B will go to public cloud providers.

Ancient laptop article

The Data Risks Posed by Legacy Systems in Older Industries

iboss Cyber Security blog post -

As much as it seems like technology changes so fast you can't keep up, the truth is many of the mission-critical systems we rely on every day are based on decades-old technologies.